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Training Consultant

Andrés is an agile and results-oriented airline transport pilot with over 15+ years of management experience, specializing in integrated flight training and safety solutions for the aviation industry. Recognized as a senior training manager, he excels in leadership roles within flight, training, and safety projects. As a Captain of short and medium-range domestic and international flights, he is deeply committed to ensuring safety and operational efficiency. Notably, he serves as the EBT/CBTA project leader, bringing expertise in evidence-based training and advanced qualification programs to enhance training methodologies. Accomplished in overseeing IOSA audits, full flight simulator incorporations, ground instruction, SMS implementation and monitoring, synthetic flight instruction, and pilot selection. He is a seasoned professional known for developing technical, operational, and instructional content, showcasing proficiency in design and editing. Strong attention to detail coupled with a passion for continuous improvement. Excels in investigating and implementing best practices for aviation training methodologies

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