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José Miguel Rivera

Director of Business Development

José Miguel is a Computer System Engineer with a post-graduate degree in business administration from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He is an enthusiastic and analytical professional with over two decades of experience in the aviation industry. He brings a robust set of skills to any given situation with a trackable record of success. He has great expertise in aeronautics and strategic planning, budgeting, team management, team building and mentoring commercial awareness, and excellent problem-solving. 

He was given the 2008 Core Company Employee Award by TACA International Airlines due to his proficiency in a series of nine technical courses completed over the length of two years; he was selected among employees to participate due to his continuous interest and growth potential.

He has played a pivotal role in developing and maintaining a healthy working relationship amongst unionized and non-unionized pilots and Avianca to minimize customer
inconveniences that may occur due to the cancellation of flights. He has also been key as lead negotiator with unionized pilots in the Latin-American region and for implementing efficiency programs for pilots aligned with the company's interests and compliance objectives. 

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