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Safety & Flight Operations Consultant

Esteban embarked on his journey to the skies with the fervor of a true pioneer. Graduating as a military aviator in 1984, Kerz's ascent in the aviation world was as swift as it was remarkable. Following his graduation, Kerz delved into the intricacies of aerial combat by undertaking a fighter pilot course in 1985 and 1986, solidifying his foundation as a skilled aviator. His talents did not go unnoticed, and in 1988, he assumed command of the IA-50 Guarani, showcasing his natural leadership abilities.

The year 1989 saw Kerz transition into the role of an IA Instructor, where he imparted his wisdom and expertise to the next generation of aviators. His dedication to excellence and thirst for knowledge led him to become the first pilot of the FK-27 in 1991, a role that highlighted his versatility and proficiency in handling diverse aircraft. 

In 1996, Kerz reached new heights in his career when he took command of the C-130, a testament to his exemplary skills and leadership qualities. Throughout his journey, Kerz remained steadfast in his commitment to enhancing safety standards and protocols, participating in seminars and courses such as the FAA CRM Seminar and the Course on Transfer of Dangerous Goods by Air Mode.

In 1997, Kerz's expertise was recognized when he became an FAA CRM Seminar Instructor/Facilitator, a role that allowed him to share his wealth of knowledge with aspiring aviators. His contributions to aviation safety extended beyond national borders, as evidenced by his participation in the I Conference for Air Safety in Buenos Aires.

Kerz's dedication to safety was further underscored by his roles as an Aircraft Instructor for the C-130 and MD Pilot, where he played a pivotal role in shaping the future of aviation. In 2003, he authored the Dinar LASA Emergency Response Manual, a comprehensive guide that became instrumental in shaping aviation safety protocols.

Throughout his illustrious career, Kerz assumed leadership roles with grace and proficiency. He served as Fleet Manager for Airbus A-320 LAN Argentina and later as Training Manager, where he nurtured the talents of aspiring aviators. In 2018, Kerz transitioned to commanding the Boeing B-767, demonstrating his ability to handle larger aircraft with finesse and expertise. His reputation as a skilled aviator and visionary leader caught the attention of Flybondi, where he assumed the role of Instruction Manager in 2021, followed by his appointment as Operations Manager in 2022.

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